5 Easy Signs to Use With Your Toddlers

Mar 21st, 2018 | by NAPA Team


March 21st, 2018

Learn 5 easy signs that we use everyday at NAPA Center to encourage communication! If you prefer text, we have the video transcribed for you below. Happy signing!


5 Easy Signs to Encourage Speech with Your Toddler


1. “More”

When to use:

  • For repeating an activity
  • If the child wants a repeat of a song
  • If the child wants to continue playing


2. “All Done”

When to use:

  • To show the child that we are all done and finished with an activity or a snack time routine.
  • For the child to communicate that they are finished with what they are doing.


3. “Go”

When to use:

  • In a verbal routine. For instance, when a child is on a swing you can do “Ready, Set, Go!”

When the child sees you do the sign and verbally saying go, they may begin saying “go” themselves.


4. “My Turn” or “Me”

When to use:

  • For turn-taking. The child can indicate that they would like a turn or if they want some they can sign “me” sharing that they would like some.


5. “Open”

When to use:

  • A great way to create a temptation for a child to want to open something is to hand them a container that is opening, ideally something with a screw top they may need help opening. When they hand the container over for you to open, it creates a perfect opportunity for you to do the sign for “open”.


Those are our favorite easy signs to use at home. We hope you enjoyed! To watch more NAPA videos, click here.

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