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Pediatric Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy in Austin

At NAPA Center, we offer individualized pediatric therapy programs with unique combinations of our wide range of physical therapy, occupational therapy, feeding and speech therapy in Austin. We strive to provide children and families with hope by offering services in a playful environment that helps children maximize their full developmental potential. Our pediatric therapy services are offered both on an hourly basis to local Austin families and within our three-week intensive therapy programs which many families travel from around the world to attend. To discover how NAPA can help your child, schedule a tour of our Austin clinic and/or a free phone screening with our team using the form at the bottom of this page!

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Address: 7801 North Lamar Blvd, Suite A114, Austin, Texas 78752   |   Phone Number: (512) 646-HOPE (4673)

Therapies Offered

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Our Austin pediatric physical therapy program offers the best and most innovative methods from around the world. Our highly trained pediatric physical therapists challenge the child in a loving environment, pushing their performance and helping them achieve new developmental milestones. Using effective cutting-edge methods to help your child achieve new physical abilities.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Our Austin pediatric occupational therapy program aims to help your child achieve the highest level of independence possible. Our experienced and dedicated pediatric occupational therapists take a developmental approach to address areas of physical ability (fine and gross motor skills), sensory processing and modulation, handwriting skills, visual motor skills, and self-help skills.

Pediatric Speech and Feeding Therapy

Our pediatric speech therapy sessions in Austin utilize a variety of techniques to address oral motor dysfunction, apraxia, fluency, receptive and expressive language, and social pragmatics. Our pediatric speech therapy and feeding therapy sessions help children improve overall communication and/or feeding development. Click here to learn about our Austin feeding therapy program.

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