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Austin Pediatric
Feeding Therapy

Impactful Pediatric Feeding Therapy,

Tailored to Your Child's Unique Needs.

Pediatric Feeding Therapy in Austin, TX

At NAPA Center, we take an individualized approach to therapy because we understand that each child is unique with very specific needs. We embrace differences with an understanding that individualized programs work better. For this reason, no two therapeutic programs are alike. If your child needs our pediatric feeding therapy services, we will work closely with you to select the best therapies for them, creating a customized program specific to your child’s needs and your family’s goals.

World-Renowned NAPA Center


NAPA Center was founded by Lynette LaScala in 2008 after spending years traveling the world to find the best pediatric therapy programs for her son. Now, NAPA has grown into an industry-leading pediatric therapy center; attracting patients worldwide by offering the best and most innovative therapies. We offer individualized pediatric therapy programs with unique combinations of our wide range of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, feeding therapy, and more. We strive to provide children and families with hope by offering services in a playful environment that helps children maximize their full potential. Join the NAPA family by scheduling a free screening and/or a tour of our clinic in Austin, TX!


To learn more, visit our Developmental Feeding Therapy and Intensive Feeding Therapy Program Pages and browse through the NAPA Feeding Therapy Blog!

Therapies Offered

Developmental Feeding Therapy

NAPA Center provides traditional weekly feeding therapy with our feeding specialists (Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists) to support children’s independence in eating and support families in creating successful mealtime routines. We offer relationship-based developmental feeding services to address various feeding difficulties and VitalStim for the treatment of dysphasia and swallowing difficulties.

Intensive Feeding Therapy

NAPA Center’s Intensive Feeding Program, Mastering Mealtimes, is a 4-month comprehensive program that provides families and their children with the skills and techniques necessary to love eating and to become safer, more comfortable, and confident in advancing their child’s feeding and swallowing skills.

Multitude of Approaches

We utilize a multitude of approaches including the Division of Responsibility Model, Get Permission Approach, The Sequential Sensory Oral or SOS Approach, AEIOU Systematic Approach, Beckman Oral Motor, and Responsive Feeding.

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