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Must Have Cause & Effect Toys

Jan 02nd, 2020 | by NAPA Team


January 02nd, 2020

Cause and Effect Toys

Ready for some our favorite cause and effect toys? In this video, NAPA SLP Katrina shares her 4 favorite activities for cause and effect or early intervention. If you prefer text, we have the video transcribed for you below. Have fun!

Activities for Cause and Effect or Early Intervention

1. Squigz

The first one is Squigz. So, with Squigz, you can use different color Squigz in order to put them together to make them pop and make them go. They are also great for identifying different colors.

2. Squeeze Pop Toy

My next activity is the squeeze pop toy. For the squeeze pop toy, you can have the child practice making it shoot up, shoot down, or shoot into something. Kids love asking for more or to stop with this activity.

3. Tube Pop Toy

My next activity is the tube pop toy. This one is great with loud sound. You can have the child hold on, make them pull to make it go.

4. Elephant Ball Pop Toy

Last but not least is my favorite activity – the elephant ball pop toy! It’s great because it has an on and off switch. You can have a child ask for repetition of the activity. So, if they turn it on, you can have them turn it right back off and have them ask for more.

We hope you found this video helpful!

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