COVID-19 Clinic Precautions

In order to keep our patients, families, and staff safe, we’ve implemented the following precautions. We’re understanding of each of our families’ unique circumstances that may require additional considerations, so please do not hesitate to reach out and discuss these further with a member of our team. 

Additional Clinic Precautions:

  • Daily  Temperature  checks will be required for anyone to enter the building. Anybody with a temperature of 100.4 and above will be not permitted into the building.
  • Weekly & intensive therapy sessions will be  50 minutes  to allow for extra sanitation time between clients 
  • Weekly therapy patients (Los Angeles) – Caregivers,  including parents, are asked to wait in their cars during sessions. You may enter the building to drop your child off to their therapist and to transition between therapy sessions. If your child needs a caregiver to attend their session (spotting, motivation, or medical reasons), one caregiver may be permitted but must remain in their zone the entire session. 
  • Intensive patients are allowed one caregiver per patient at a time.  
  • Siblings will not be allowed in the clinic, unless under 12 months of age and confined to a carrier or held by a caregiver. 
  • Masks must be worn by anybody who enters the building above 2 years old.  If a child is unable or will not tolerate wearing a mask, they will be exempt. 
  • Masks must always cover mouth and nose and be worn properly. 
  • Clear face shields cannot be worn as a substitute for mask.  
  • Should you need a break from wearing your mask during the day, you are free to step out to your car or rest in the playground area outside the front gym. 
  • All families are to  bring their own toys  or preferred items to use during their sessions. Please sanitize these items prior to bringing them into the clinic daily.  
  • Each patient will have a designated area to work in, thereby limiting exposure to contact surfaces among other patients. Your therapists will cycle to your station and those patients who require access to specific gym areas (i.e. SpiderCage, treadmill) will be allowed to do so at therapist discretion.   
  • All families are encouraged to practice safe social distancing . 
  • Hand washing is your best self-defense against the spread of germs.  As a backup, we have additional antibacterial hand sanitizer  readily available to you around our clinics. 


Expanded Sick Policy 

All clients and NAPA employees  must stay home  if any member of the family shows any symptoms, including, but not limited to:

  • Fever
  • Mucus 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Chest cough/congestion 
  • Labored breathing

Before returning, the child and all family members must be  symptom-free for 72 hours.
All same-day  cancellation fees will be waived for sickness. If your child isn’t feeling well, let us know any time before their session and your cancellation fee will be waived.
Any staff member who is ill or shows  symptoms of being ill will be sent home.

Intensive Cancellation Policy

We are extending our adjusted cancellation policy through December 31, 2021. Although deposits are non-refundable, they can be moved to a later date per the policy below.
61+ Days prior to the session start date:
• Due to unforeseen circumstances in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will no longer be charging a fee to transfer your deposit to a later date.
31-60 Days prior to the session start date:
•You may transfer your intensive payment to another session but will be charged a $500 cancellation fee/
0-30 Days prior to the session start date:
• We are unable to refund, transfer or credit any amount of your deposit as the session will most likely go unfilled. The balance of any payments made for this intensive can be transferred to another session.
Within an intensive period:
• Should you decide to cancel or not participate in any of your intensive sessions, a $40 cancellation fee will be charged for each session missed.

Travel Policy

If you plan to travel out of state or internationally to one of our facilities, COVID-19 testing may be required. Please contact us immediately for more information regarding our travel policy.