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How to Make the Gait Trainer More Fun

Jan 02nd, 2020 | by NAPA Team


January 02nd, 2020

Looking for ways to make the gait trainer more fun for your child? In this video, NAPA PT’s share some fun ideas to make your child’s time in their gait trainer more entertaining! If you prefer text, we have transcribed the video for you below. Enjoy!

How Can You Make Using a Gait Trainer More Fun?

  • We can have families set up scavenger hunts in their own house!
  • If they want to go outside, they can use chalk and draw a racetrack on the ground to drive their “racecar” down the track!
  • Then, they can have races against their friends and/or their siblings in their “racecar”!

Kids Love to Help Out Around the House

What may seem like a chore to you, is actually fun to them. So, if you need help getting the mail, feeding the dog, or putting their clothes away — they would love to help you do those things!

If all else fails…


We hope you found this video helpful! If you are interested in reading more regarding gait training, we have resources available for you:


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