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Intensive Registration

Update for 2023 Sessions

At this time, we ask new families to fill out our Intake Paperwork to start the process of getting added to our wait list as we have filled our 2023 schedule for all clinics.

*Intake paperwork will apply for 2023 waitlist, as well as sessions planned for 2024.

US Intake Form

Registration Process

At NAPA, our goal is to make signing up for an Intensive Program as simple as possible. To help with that process, we’ve laid out the following registration steps for families to refer to. Registration takes place once a year for all Intensive sessions planned for the following year.

Step 1: Complete Patient Intake Paperwork

If you have not already, the first step of our registration process is to complete our Patient Intake Paperwork. Without this document, your registration form will not be accepted. After you submit the Intake Paperwork, please give us up to 15 business days to send you your program recommendations.

All patients who have filled out intake in the previous two years DO NOT need to fill out new intake paperwork at this time.

Step 2: Register At Your Leisure

To reduce stress on our families, we have transitioned our intensive registration from a first-come-first-served model to a lottery system that allows registration forms to be submitted within a three-day window.

Step 3: Wait For Your Confirmation Email

Please give us 10 business days after registration closes to reach out to you with your intensive schedule. Your spot is confirmed once you place a $1,000 deposit for the tentative schedule provided by the intensive coordinator. If the session you requested is all booked, we will automatically add you to the waitlist for that session.

London Registration

London Registration will be held April 2023. Stay up to date on all things London:

2023 London registration

Looking for information on Australia Registration?

Australia Registration

Intensive Registration FAQ

Besides filling out my Intake Paperwork, what should I do to prepare?

Before registration opens, you can pre-plan up to five dates that work best for your family. We accept ONE form per patient. On this single form, there is an option to select up to 5 sessions in order of location and date preference.

Does submitting multiple registration forms improve my chances of getting a spot?

We accept ONE form per patient. Filling out multiple forms does not help your chances of getting a session and creates more work for our team.

Does Registration guarantee my spot?

Submitting a registration form is a request for an intensive that also lets us know your preferences. Filling out this form in no way guarantees you a session or any preferences. We do our absolute best to accommodate your requests but due to the volume of families, all with specific preferences and scheduling needs, meeting even your most preferred request is not always possible.

Are there less popular sessions that are easier to get a spot?

Our interest is balanced with the exception of our most popular months June and July. We suggest avoiding summer if your child is not in school and registering for the session that works best for you. 

How many sessions can I register for?

Each family can register for up to 5 sessions or be added to the waitlist for up to 5 sessions. For example, if you get into two sessions you can be waitlisted for up to three. This helps us better balance our waitlists and session offerings.

I was waitlisted. How did I not get a spot?

We have a limited number of spots and a few thousand families who will be registering for these spaces. Unfortunately, we can’t offer every family an intensive due to the volume of applicants. The good news is our waitlists move!

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Once you are booked into a session, we will request a $1,000 deposit which goes towards your session grand total. Although deposits are non-refundable, a portion may be eligible to be credited to a later intensive date per the criteria below.

61+ Days prior to the session start date:
• You may transfer your intensive deposit to another session but will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.

31-60 Days prior to the session start date:
•You may transfer your intensive deposit to another session but will be charged a $500 cancellation fee.

0-30 Days prior to the session start date:
• We are unable to transfer any amount of your deposit. The balance of any payments made for this intensive can be transferred to another session.

Within an intensive period:
• Should you decide to cancel or not participate in any of your intensive sessions, a $60 cancellation fee will be charged for each session missed.

I’m on the wait list for this year, do I need to register for next year?

Each registration is a new chance to get an intensive spot with us. We start with an empty schedule and waitlist, meaning more opportunity for you to get a session. Please submit a new registration form as the waitlist does not rollover each year.

I still have questions, who can I contact?

NAPA LA: karla@napacenter.org
NAPA Boston: tara@napacenter.org
NAPA Denver: kari@napacenter.org
NAPA Chicago: zaina@napacenter.org
NAPA Austin: sarah@napacenter.org
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