NAPA Feeding Group

Have a picky eater? The NAPA Center feeding group will encourage your child to explore new foods and promotes engagement through sensory play with food.

NAPA Center’s six-week feeding group program was designed with the picky eater in mind. It is a closed activity group specifically for children who have a decreased food repertoire. The program provides individualized attention in a structured environment and includes a parental education component of the permission approach to food.

NAPA Feeding Group Referral Criteria:

Our therapists will determine if your child is a good candidate for this program after reviewing your parent questionnaire.

Group Structure and Environment:

Recommended Group Size: Four to six members with two co-leaders and a volunteer for every two students. Number of students may vary on a weekly basis depending on outside circumstances.

Group Membership: Group is closed to promote consistency.

Frequency, Length, and Time: A new session begins every six weeks, and meets on Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Supplies/Materials Used: Food items for recipe of the day brag plates for each child to take home and tell parent what they accomplished during the group, handouts for parents.

Long Term Goals:

By the end of the six-week session, group members will have participated (by visually interacting or tactile exploring) in the warm-up, two main activities, and closing of the food exploration activity for its entire duration. Parents will fill out a qualitative survey to track progress of food interaction.

Methodology: The exercise group will follow the same format each week.

Introduction: Introduce leaders, greet participants, review rules and purpose of group, give schedule of group session

Warm-Up Activity: A fun and simple song activity to prepare the students

Selected Exercise Activity: Activities based on interests and skill level of group members to promote food exploration; Group leaders will describe the rules for an exercise/game and students will play; peer modeling, feedback, and practice will be demonstrated throughout the activity by co-leaders

Wrap-Up/Goodbyes: Brag plates will be passed out and parents will go over theme or topic of the group.

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