The SpiderCage is a three-sided wire device that uses a belt and bungee cords to enable the patient to perform balance and strengthening exercise with proper positioning alignment.

The SpiderCage is a three-sided wire device that uses a belt and eight bungee cords to enable the child to perform balance and strengthening exercises with proper positioning and alignment. The SpiderCage assists the child in standing without a therapist’s assistance while allowing freedom of movement and facilitating balance.


At NAPA Center, we take an individualized approach to therapy because we understand that each child is unique with very specific needs. We embrace differences with an understanding that individualized programs work better. For this reason, no two therapeutic programs are alike. If your child needs our services, we will work closely with you to select the best therapies for them, creating a customized program specific to your child’s needs and your family’s goals. Let your child’s journey begin today by contacting us to learn more.

Benefits of SpiderCage therapy:
  • 01. Improved Movement

    Helps the child compensate their movements when performing exercises by using other parts of the body

  • 02. Autonomous Exercise

    Encourages the child to participate in body-weight-supported functional and strengthening exercises with added security, thereby decreasing physical contact from therapists

  • 03. Confidence

    Builds strength, increases balance, and more importantly, increases self-confidence and independence so that they can do more challenging activities

  • 04. Dynamic Balancing

    Allows patients to experience dynamic balance activities such as transitioning from sitting to quadruped, quadruped to kneeling, and eventually standing with the assistance of bungee cords attached to the patient from four angles

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