Trexo Robotics

NAPA is proud to offer Trexo Plus, the first wearable robotic platform designed to help children with disabilities experience walking.

Using robotic legs and integrated into a gait trainer, this cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing mobility for children with disabilities. It’s effective for children who are unable to walk and those who need to improve their walking abilities.

Benefits of Trexo Plus include:

  • Provides a consistent gait pattern with appropriate timing and rhythm
  • Adjustable weight-bearing demand
  • Provides full foot-ground contact
  • Unique ankle design allows for the child to be active and assist with the stepping motion
  • Active stepping metric allows you to determine how active the child is with stepping
  • Provide child with the experience of over-ground walking
  • Encourage independence and exploration of the environment through walking


While robotic assisted gait training in pediatrics is a relatively new technology, early research indicates that, in conjunction with therapy, utilization of robotic gait training induces improvements in functional activities and gait pattern (Beretta et al., 2014). In particular, gait speed was shown to improve following robotic gait training (Meyer-Heim et al., 2009).


Trexo Plus appointments will be offered in 30-minute sessions and can be scheduled on a weekly basis or added to an intensive therapy program. If you are interested in finding out if the Trexo Plus is right for your child, email us and we’ll be happy to provide you with our recommendation.

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