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Bryan LaScala

Bryan LaScala

May 23rd, 2018 | by NAPA Team


May 23rd, 2018

BBA Marketing, University of Iowa

Growing up as the brother of Cody LaScala, now 32 with cerebral palsy, Bryan has developed a strong passion for serving children with disabilities. Tagging along to Cody’s therapy sessions, doctor appointments, surgeries, emergency room visits, and many of the out-of-state/country programs Cody attended, Bryan was exposed to the healthcare industry at a very young age.

During his high school years, Bryan began working in respite care and had intentions of going to college to pursue his degree in physical therapy. After entering college at The University of Iowa, Bryan switched his major to business and graduated with his Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in Marketing. Promptly after graduation, Bryan joined the NAPA team and also devotes his time to the NAPA Center Kids Foundation.

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