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Cherelle Fielding

Cherelle Fielding

Apr 14th, 2023 | by Paul Pozzobon

Paul Pozzobon

April 14th, 2023

Masters of Occupational Therapy
Cherelle chose the field of OT after trying out both education and social services roles as a student of Psychology. After a few years experience she realized she wanted to be hands on in making a difference to individual children not with a whole classroom or behind a computer. Cherelle is full to the brim with love for the world of disability and positivity, and absolutely loves helping kids feel the same.
Cherelle’s special interests areas are DMI, early intervention and sensory play. You always know if Cherelle has been doing messy play! When not working you will find Cherelle clinging to the side of a cliff in
the mountains, camping or competing in bouldering competitions

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