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Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez

Aug 21st, 2020 | by NAPA Team


August 21st, 2020

Doctor of Physiotherapy, Macquarie University


Daniel was born and raised in Southern California, where he was always involved in sports and exercise.  This led him to travel across the globe to Sydney to pursue a degree in physiotherapy with the intention to work in a sports related field. However, his intention changed when he fell in love with his pediatric placements during his studies. Once he realized the impact he could have on the lives of children and their families, he knew he had found his true calling.  Daniel has experience working with children in team sports and gym settings, and he has organized exercise classes that focused on dynamic movements for all ages, but more importantly, on having fun!


When he is not at NAPA, Daniel can usually be found working out at the gym, playing basketball, or indulging in his new passion for Latin dance (so please don’t be alarmed if you see him dancing around the clinic!)

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