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Louise Conn

Louise Conn

May 23rd, 2018 | by NAPA Team


May 23rd, 2018

From therapy options, scheduling, to listening to a parent’s concerns and worries, Louise understands the NAPA journey in its entirety, as she is Mum to Georgia, who has Cerebral Palsy (dystonic/spastic quad GMFCS V). Georgia’s birth resulted in a catastrophic brain injury, and she was diagnosed with severe brain damage and HIE at seven days old. Because of this, Georgia started rehab therapy at four weeks old. At the time, Louise and husband Mick were based in Singapore, where therapy options were limited. Louise searched the globe for effective and different therapy programs for Georgia and discovered NAPA Center in the US. They took the plunge and flew with Georgia to Los Angeles to do a three-week intensive. Before the first week ended, they knew they had found not only a great therapy centre, but also a place of support, hope, friendship and positivity. They extended their stay in LA for an extra two months certain that NAPA Center had the potential to make a real difference for Georgia’s future. Georgia has completed well over 50 Intensive therapy sessions with NAPA Centre and is a regular fixture on the NAPA gym floor.

From initially travelling to LA, hosting NAPA pop-ups in Singapore, Sydney and Gold Coast through to eventually helping to establish the permanent clinic in Sydney, Louise has seen it all! Her journey began as the Intensive Co-ordinator working alongside an original team of 3 therapists in 2016 and 5 years later, Louise is now the Director of Client Services Australia. She answers thousands of questions and emails from families and intimately understands the struggles and stresses families face on the special needs journey (and the funny bits too!). Louise is the first of point of contact for most NAPA families and co-ordinates their program and schedules with the therapy teams, ensuring that your child’s unique needs are met by having the best team and right schedule for their NAPA programs. She is the ultimate waitlist juggler and is always willing to listen and to go the extra mile to ensure each family is supported. Louise is on the FACC reference board for the Children’s Hospital network in NSW, mum of 2, and for her sins, the Vice president of her girl’s school. Louise is also a fan of yoga, the beach, live music, podcasts, coffee, and wine, all essentials to special needs parenting – but wishes there were more hours in the day to make this all happen more regularly.

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