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Mei-Li Smith

Mei-Li Smith

May 31st, 2019 | by NAPA Team


May 31st, 2019

MS Speech and Language Pathology, Northeastern University


Mei-li is a California native returning after six years from the East Coast after finishing her Master’s at Northeastern University. It’s easy to see, Mei-Li is passionate about pediatrics and is excited to help support families communication and feeding needs. Prior to speech therapy, her background includes Applied Behavior Analysis, where she worked with children on the Autism Spectrum supporting communication and behaviors. In addition, she served as a developmental specialist in the field of Early Intervention, where she learned to collaborate with other disciplines and work with families as a whole. Mei-Li worked for three years in NAPA Los Angeles before transferring to her new home here in Melbourne. Her areas of interest include AAC, social language skills, and oral motor/feeding. Free time is spent at the beach playing volleyball, cooking, and traveling.

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