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Michelle Lussier

Michelle Lussier

Mar 05th, 2024 | by NAPA Team


March 05th, 2024

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Columbia University
Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency, University of North Carolina.
Michelle is an enthusiastic clinician and educator with experience in
physical therapy settings across the continuum of pediatrics and the
those with neurodevelopmental disabilities. As a lifelong athlete and
nerd herself, Michelle found pediatric physical therapy as a blend of
passions. She believes there is nothing more rewarding than watching the confidence of a child and their family grow as they master new skills and meet extraordinary goals! Michelle enjoys collaborating with other therapists to constantly challenge her own knowledge base and to collectively grow the field of pediatric therapies. She is also assisting in writing the APTA’s Clinical Practice Guideline for physical therapy interventions to improve mobility in children aged 5-18 years old with Cerebral Palsy classified at GFMCS I, II or III. While not working, you can find Michelle smiling on the closest beach, attempting to complete all 6 of the World Marathon Majors or traveling to her newest adventure.

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