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Nimesha Fernando

Nimesha Fernando

Dec 01st, 2022 | by Paul Pozzobon

Paul Pozzobon

December 01st, 2022

Master of Occupational Therapy


Nimesha completed her Master of Occupational Therapy degree at Swinburne University and her Bachelor’s degree in Science at Monash University. Nimesha chose to become an occupational therapist as she always knew she wanted to work with children and connected with the way occupational therapists can help children in all stages of their development. Nimesha always looks at the strengths in children and utilises these in therapy sessions. She also believes in a family-centred approach and collaborates with families to support their child’s needs. When not working at NAPA, Nimesha enjoys spending time with her family, watching TV, and on sunny days you’ll be sure to find her at the beach. Her guilty pleasures are chocolate, cheese and anything yummy really!

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