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Sarah Fahy

Sarah Fahy

Nov 21st, 2023 | by Paul Pozzobon

Paul Pozzobon

November 21st, 2023

BSC (Hons) Occupational Therapy, University College Cork, Ireland.


Sarah is an Irish Occupational Therapist who has been passionate about working with children for as long as she can remember. She chose to study Occupational Therapy to follow this passion! In Ireland, Sarah worked with children in the Irish Health Service, in farm-based animal assisted therapy and in the area of Autism diagnostics.

Sarah is excited to be part of the NAPA family and to bring positive change into children’s lives, while having a whole lot of fun along the way! When she is not at work, Sarah loves being outside, swimming in the ocean, finding all the best restaurants Sydney has to offer and spending time with her friends.

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