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Susana Newcombe

Susana Newcombe

Oct 27th, 2022 | by Paul Pozzobon

Paul Pozzobon

October 27th, 2022

Susana is a Registered Counsellor who brings to NAPA 25 years of experience working in educational and school settings. She specialises in anxiety disorders, ADHD, mood disorders, stress management, grief and loss, self-esteem, peer relationships, school issues, trauma, and bullying. She is passionate about working with children with special needs, working alongside their families and carers to ensure everyone is supported to reach their potential.

Susana adopts a warm, person-centred, collaborative approach to developing a solid therapeutic alliance to assist clients in achieving their goals and desired outcomes. Therapy is an opportunity to discuss any concerns or worries in a validating, non-judgmental, supportive environment. Susana is driven to support her clients to live a life worth living

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