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Pediatric Therapy Tools We Offer

Oct 14th, 2022 | by NAPA Team


October 14th, 2022

Our Pediatric Therapy Tools

At NAPA Center, we train our team of physical therapists and occupational therapists for 240 hours before they treat patients using the intensive model of therapy. Part of this education includes NeuroSuit and SpiderCage training. Additionally, we offer Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) and VitalStim training among other tools and techniques. These tools are often used with children who have a diagnosis of autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or rare genetic conditions.

1. The NeuroSuit

While framing the body, the NeuroSuit provides support and resistance simultaneously. It assists the patient’s body to be in correct alignment, while the bungee cords provide a comforting compression to the joints and distribute a vertical weight bearing to the patient’s entire body. This improves and changes proprioception (pressure from the joints, ligaments, and muscles), reduces the child’s undesired reflexes, facilitates proper movement and provides additional weight-bearing distributed strategically throughout the body.

2. Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI)

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