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What is Redcord?

Redcord is a system of slings used in conjunction with the Neurac® Method, an active neuromuscular activation treatment approach designed to increase function and facilitate correct movement patterns. Originating from Norway in the 1990’s, it consists of the following elements:

  1. Dynamic suspension exercise utilizing bungee assist, pulleys, and slings
  2. Vibration and perturbation stimuli
  3. Gradual exercise progression

Suspension training has recently gained popularity in the exercise and rehabilitation realms, however many of these systems use inelastic straps which create too large of a challenge for individuals with neuromuscular deficits. In Redcord, the elastic properties of the bungees allow suspension exercises to be adapted for even the weakest or uncoordinated individuals.

Traditionally used with adults suffering from chronic pain related to muscle imbalances, NAPA Center utilizes the Neurac® Method with the Redcord equipment and adapt it to address the unique neuromuscular deficits of its pediatric physical therapy patients.

The Redcord Technique

Within the system of Redcord slings, the Neurac® Method combines bungee-assisted suspension exercises in various positions such as suspended lying on your back, stomach, side or partially suspended in sitting, kneeling and/or standing to target neuromuscular stimulation. Together, these components help our patients increase strength and stability of the postural muscles which create a stable base for movement. Core premises:

  • Suspension of the whole body globally relaxes spastic muscles and diminishes unwanted reflexes allowing more typical movement patterns to be utilized.
  • Utilization of closed chain exercises have been found to promote
    • improved co-contraction of muscles for increased stability
    • grading, coordination and sequential muscle activation for more coordinated movements
  • Exercise completed on an unstable/dynamic surface work to elicit increased overall muscle activation when the instability affords a “just right challenge”. Simply said, your body calls on all its muscles to help stabilize and maintain balance when things are not stable.
  • Use of vibration stimuli to alert and turn on the deep postural muscles of the body, which are often weak in patients with neurological diagnoses.

Redcord and the Neurac® Method at NAPA

NAPA Center is offering Redcord and the Neurac® Method to augment your child’s current intensive therapy programs.

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