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Activities to Promote Self Help Skills

Sep 09th, 2021 | by NAPA Team


September 09th, 2021

Klarissa from the NAPA Kidz Academy is here to share some self help skills for your kiddos! If you prefer text, we have the video transcribed for you below. Happy learning!

Part 1: Pet Washing

Today, we are going to be working on pet washing. We are going to be washing our pets to learn all about our body parts. We have two little elephants but you can choose any pets you’d like. We are going to put our paint brush in the shaving cream, encouraging our kiddos to find the body parts of the animals. For instance, telling your child to wash the ears of the elephant, then the eyes of the elephant. This will really encourage them to learn about their body parts while having fun, having some sensory interaction. Our next step is to wash the animals. We are going to put our animals in a bowl of water and we are going to wash then dry the animal.

Part 2: Water Play

Today we have a water bin. This is a nice, fun way to incorporate some water play in your kiddo’s routine. You can use.a bin, a bucket, or anything you have that can be filled with water. We added some animals, some sea animals. We really encourage language skills. We can go over the colors of the animals, you can ask your child to choose. For instance, “where is the pink dolphin?” We can also go over some self help skills by allowing your child to scoop the water and pour the water. They can scoop the dolphin and put it in the cup. No matter what you put in the bin, your kids will love it. Stay cool this summer!

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