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Switch Adapted Toys for Speech

Jan 02nd, 2020 | by NAPA Team


January 02nd, 2020

Speech Toys: Switch-Adapted Toys for Speech

In this video, NAPA SLP Katrina shares 4 speech toys that you can switch adapt. If you prefer text, we have the video transcribed for you below. If you are interested in learning more, check out our related blog post – Benefits of Switch Adapted Toys and How to Make Your Own

Have fun!

Today I have 4 activities that you can switch adapt that are great for a variety of different ages.

1. Gearations Toy

The first one is the Gearations toy. So, you would put an interrupter into the device to hook it up. Then, when you push the button, it will make the activity go. This is one activity that is really fun for the cause and effect visual aspect of it.

Some other activities that I have are great for cortical vision impairment as well.

2. Battery-Powered Disco Light

You would still have to switch adapt it, but this is a battery powered disco light. You can turn off the lights, and it helps with kids that have a difficult time seeing — this is something fun that they can look at in the dark.

3. Fiber Optic Lamp

Another one that is the same concept is the fiber optic lamp, so same thing, you can turn it on with the switch connected to it so they can push to turn it on and off in the dark.

4. Battery Powered Fan

A fourth one is a good ole battery-powered fan. This one is fun if you are going to Disney or going to different places, you can switch-adapt it and hook it up so the child can hit the switch on their own to make it run.

We hope you found this video helpful!

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