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Telehealth & Telecoaching

Telehealth & Telecoaching Now Available! 


What is Telehealth? 

Telehealth is an online service for physical, occupational, and speech therapy via live video conferencing (Think FaceTime or Skype). The therapy sessions are conducted using a video chat platform and are facilitated by a licensed therapist. The therapist utilizes a direct 1:1 interaction with the patient and patient’s family and may use a combination of “coaching” methods. For example, using the parent to implement therapeutic strategies and techniques throughout session.  

What does a Telehealth session look like? 

Telehealth sessions are intended to run the full length of a typical in-person therapy visit of 50 minutes. Part of your initial session may be comprised of a quick technical run-through, to make sure parent and therapist devices are synched appropriately. Telehealth visits are structured to address current therapy goals, troubleshoot any home exercise program difficulties, and answer any questions parents have regarding transferring skill sets from clinic environment to home environment. In short, Telehealth sessions remain personalized to each patient, with a large focus on parent/family education.   

Who can participate? 

Any patient with current therapy authorization and/or physician’s script on file may be eligible for Telehealth services. Patient must also have a current therapy evaluation on file, as Telehealth does not allow for performing (re)evaluations via video conferencing. It is also required that patient have access to video platform via home table/computer/phone.  


These services may be covered by the typical funding source you use when accessing services through NAPA Center. Our cash rate for Telehealth is $125/session. To find out if your services are covered, click the get started button below and we will reach out to you with further details shortly. 



What Parents are Saying…

Kasey Edwards

"It gives me comfort to have personal, experienced direction. I was very concerned about how things would go if Robbie could not see her therapists and I find this to be incredibly valuable.”

-Kasey Edwards

Danielle Daglieri Singh

“Julian was excited to see Miss Kate! This whole remote learning process with school being closed and therapy centers being closed has been quite the learning process. The telehealth offering helps to create a weekly schedule and continue to foster the relationship between child and therapist during this time.”

-Danielle Daglieri Singh

Meagan Spiceland

Dana hasn’t seen EC since August and she still remembered exact games they played together which was very motivating for EC. It was such a good therapy session and it happened in our living room.”

-Meagan Spiceland

Jessica Asch

“It's really great to be hands on with River because he gets the experience doing these exercises (more extensively and pushing his boundaries) with me. And getting him to have this sort of experience at home is pretty crucial for him to mentally build a foundation for himself, as integrating his challenges in a home environment has been tough for him in the past! Super excited about this.”

-Jessica Asch

Camie Rodan

“We loved how quickly NAPA was able to get these sessions up and running. I loved how Jamie kept the session interesting by switching up activities constantly and including both our puppies and Solly's little sister (who all insisted on popping into the room) into the session. She worked in time at the beginning and end to answer my questions, gave us activities to work on at home, and provided a plan-of-action for future telehealth sessions.”

-Camie Rodan

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What is Telecoaching? 

NAPA is excited to offer Telecoaching, a virtual meeting which includes the sharing of theoretical knowledge, including suggestions on preforming exercises/activities to address parent observations. While offering motivational messages and advice, our team will work with parents on setting goals for increasing participation in existing home exercise programs.  

How is Telecoaching different than Telehealth: 

Due to licensing restrictions, our therapists cannot currently treat patients in which they do not hold a license to practice. They are however allowed to offer Telecoaching to these patients internationally and domestically.   

A coach can offer you guidance on:

  1. current exercises you are doing including relaying the result/response you are aiming to see  
  2. exercises/activities that may be appropriate for a child displaying behaviors/movements/sounds that you are observing 
  3. help you set goals for implementing exercises and activities at home 

A coach cannot:

  1. Assess your child during the coaching session.  For example,  
  2. They cannot tell you why they believe your child may be seeking sensory input. They are however allowed to relay to you the reasons while children often seek the type of input you are observing.     
  3. They cannot tell you why your child is scissoring during walking. They are however allowed to tell you why many children scissor during gait.  
  4. They cannot tell you why it is difficult for your child to make a particular speech sound. They can however tell you a few of the reasons why children may have difficulty with a particular sound.   
  5. Establish or assess goals related to your child’s progress in developmental areas.


Telecoaching is Thinking Outside the Box: 

In addition to more traditional coaching sessions which include the child, our coaches are also offer: 

  1. Assistance with reviewing an IEP including reviewing current goals, recommending future goals, and classroom modifications 
  2. Real time help with programming an AAC device 
  3. Assisting a family with creating a CVI schedule for their child’s daily routine which would incorporate CVI strategies throughout the day 
  4. Reviewing the child’s daily participation in school and assisting with the creation and implementation of adaptive strategies to maximize participation.



Telecoaching sessions are $125/session. We are unable to bill these to your insurance provider or provide you with superbills to do so directly. These are coaching sessions, not Telehealth PT, OT, or SLP sessions. 


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