The Lifesaving Technology Behind VitalStim

Feb 11th, 2016 | by NAPA Team


February 11th, 2016

We all know that therapy is good for your health, no matter the type of therapy being applied. VitalStim offers a therapy system that incorporates modality to traditional exercise to achieve great health benefits. This therapy brings together the power of electrical stimulation and the great benefits accrued to swallowing exercises to improve your general body health. This therapy helps medical experts, strengthen and restore normal body functioning for a patient through stimulating the brain to remap the swallowing processes. It also improves general treatment outcomes.

Vitalstim Therapy is essential for those patients that face difficulties in swallowing. Difficult swallowing is a chronic condition that affects many people around the world. This condition is also known as Dysphagia. Its symptoms include mild difficulty when swallowing and in more serious cases, complete inability to eat or drink. It is estimated around 15 million Americans have his condition and there are 1 million new cases yearly.


Swallowing therapy is the most effective way of treating this condition. This therapy involves different types of exercises that tend to open and widen the esophagus to allow easy passage of food. This exercises ensure that the patient can be able to swallow food with minimal chances of chocking. This therapy also includes good chewing exercises that make sure the patient has chewed the food well enough so that it can easily go down to the stomach.

There are many vitalstim providers in the United States. These providers operate Dysphagia clinics and offer this therapy at an affordable price. These clinics also have high qualified and experienced staff who have dealt with patients of difficulty swallow for many years. Every health practitioner at this clinic has been vigorously trained on how to handle patients. You will also experience a state of the art services at this facilities. The best thing about this facilities is that they are easily accessible as they have branches spread all over the country.

Vitalstim Therapy equipment are small and easily portable; thus, you can carry them around in your backpack or pocket and use it anytime you want. They also are economy friendly so you can affordably buy one for yourself as they are also easy to operate. These equipment are of high quality, and I can promise you that you find them very helpful. The equipment contains two independent channel for stimulation. These channels makes it easier to apply 4 electrodes. It also has a large digital display that you can view your readings and controls from. It operates at a 0.5 mA step setting for on point stimulations. It also continuously generates current for better comfort. The equipment pack also contains the therapy system unit, battery, electrodes and a neoprene bag.

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