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Therapy Tools

We go beyond traditional physical,
occupational, and speech therapy by using
innovative tools and techniques that change lives.

Discover our Therapy Tools

At NAPA Center, our dedicated and highly trained physical, speech and occupational therapists
use a diverse set of innovative tools and therapies delivered through intensive programs.
These programs are customized specifically for each child based on their needs, and provided at our
centers, in a playful and positive environment. 


The NeuroSuit frames the body providing support and resistance simultaneously. It facilitates proper movement and provides additional weight bearing distributed strategically throughout the body.


The SpiderCage is a three-sided wire device that uses a belt and bungee cords to enable the patient to perform balance and strengthening exercise with proper positioning alignment.


DMI is a comprehensive intervention used by physical (PT) and occupational therapists that incorporates current research on neurorehabilitation, technologies, and methodologies.


VitalStim Therapy is an effective treatment for patients suffering from difficulty swallowing or dysphagia.


Redcord is a system of slings used in conjunction with the Neurac® Method, an active neuromuscular activation treatment approach designed to increase function and facilitate correct movement patterns. Originating from Norway in the 1990’s.

Functional Estim

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is a modality aimed at improving strength, coordination, endurance, sensory feedback and timing in muscles used to promote improved motor control and strength in patients.


NAPA uses the Galileo plate which provides a side alternating motion based on the natural movement of human gait, creating a tilting movement of the pelvis.


TheraTogs are an orthotic undergarment and strapping product recommended for children who may benefit from increased proprioception as well as improved postural alignment, stability, and/or prolonged muscle stretch to improve developmental and functional outcomes.

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