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How Does Blowing Bubbles Benefit Speech Therapy?

Apr 02nd, 2018 | by NAPA Team


April 02nd, 2018

Blowing Bubbles Speech Therapy

Blowing bubbles in speech therapy sessions is a fun and impactful activity. Bubbles are great because they can target early sound development, oral motor skills, and early language.

Kids and Speech Therapists Love Bubbles!

Every kid loves bubbles. I like to put the bubbles in a place that is visible for the kids but not necessarily within reach for the kids.

So, the kids are required to ask you for help, whether that be by reaching and showing you “Oh, I want that up there!”

Or by saying “bubbles” or “help” or simple word utterances like that. Another great thing to do with bubbles is just handing the kids the bubbles without actually opening them first.

A lot of times kids can’t unscrew these bubbles, so it creates a communication temptation for the child to request for help.

Once you get those bubbles open, it’s great for turn-taking because who doesn’t want to blow bubbles? The kid wants to blow bubbles, you want to blow bubbles, everyone loves bubbles! So, it’s a great way for them to ask for “my turn?” for taking turns.

Speech Therapy Benefits to Blowing Bubbles

You can say, “Ready, Set, Go” before blowing bubbles, you can catch bubbles on the wand and wait for the child to say “pop!” or they can actually pop the bubbles and work on those bilabial pop sounds. Another great thing to do with them is to talk about sizes. If the kid is a little bit older, you can talk about little bubbles vs big bubbles, bubbles up vs bubbles down, so it’s great for building two-word utterances like that.

This is a great tool for you to use at home and I hope I gave you some great ideas today!

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